Intelligent Sampling With OpenCensus

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Historically, traces have been sampled. Ideally, you’d keep all traces, however, that is not always an option. OpenCensus is the first, open-source, vendor-agnostic technology to offer intelligent (tail-based) sampling. In this post, I would like to demonstrate why intelligent sampling is valuable over traditional head-based sampling and how you can configure it in OpenCensus.

This is a big deal!

What Is Distributed Tracing

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If you’ve been working with microservices applications, you have most likely heard the phrase “distributed tracing”. That’s for good reason, as the complexity of distributed applications makes monitoring via traditional logs and metrics insufficient for debugging purposes. You may be wondering what distributed tracing is, why it matters, and what options exist to get you started.

In this post, I will cover the answers to all these questions.

OpenCensus Service Configuration

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In my last post, I talked about what the OpenCensus Service is and why you should care. After reading that post, you are likely wondering how to get started. In this post, I would like to walk through how to deploy and configure the OpenCensus Service in a greenfield or brownfield environment.

(Spoiler alert: it is really easy!)

The OpenCensus Service

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A common question I get asked is, “we have an urgent need to implement tracing, and we can’t wait for the OpenTelemetry release in September. What’s the recommendation for people in my shoes?” Throughout last week’s conversations at KubeCon EU, and those that have come up this week, starting with OpenCensus has been preferred due to the inclusion of an implementation.

Continue reading to learn more about how the OpenCensus Service can be leveraged today no matter what client instrumentation you use.

OpenCensus and OpenTracing are now OpenTelemetry

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The future of observability is here! Not only are the two projects merging to create unilateral support and development towards observability standards, OpenTelemetry has also been accepted as a CNCF project. Developers now have an integrated set of APIs and libraries as well as a collection mechanism for distributed traces and metrics (logs coming soon).